Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ole Lynggaard Jewellery

I was taken back by a beautiful image in a magazine of Helena Christensen ,
 on the accompanying page was a shot of some beautiful ' organic ' rings.
Normally that is as far as I would go , admiring the image.
But this time I looked for the web address

I have never been more enthralled reading about a jewellery house.
Words like hand made , capture light & colour , organic corals , eloquent are but just a few used to describe their obvious love of designing jewellery. 
Even their catalogue covers draw you in ( of course that is the idea) 
It is a 50 year old family run business & the Danish designers are Ole & Charlotte Lynggard.
I could go on but I will let you take the journey yourself.

What I loved even more though was the ' My Friend ' project set up to help people in West Africa access to clean water.  Here is a little snapshot ....

MY FRIEND - A beautiful thought, a beautiful piece
of jewelry, a great success

Charlotte Lynggaard´s unique jewellery series 'My Friend' has now reached DKK 2,4 million in contributions for water projects in West Africa and has so far resulted in the establishment and renovation of 59 wells, providing clean drinking water to many communities and more than 35,000 people in the small West African country of Togo, whereBØRNEFONDEN, member of Child Fund International works.
Charlotte Lynggaard is very concerned with the state of the world and the consequences of global warming. Therefore she designed "My Friend" jewellery as a symbol of care - the little penguin and the tiny fish named after her son - Julius.
The penguins are among the first victims of global warming, and this was Charlotte Lynggaard´s first inspiration for the "My Friend" design and symbol. Later a funny little fish - another symbol of water - followed the chubby little penguin.
The first victims of global warming are also millions of people who lack clean drinking water because of irregular rainy seasons and desertification.
This was the inspiration for the collaboration between
Ole Lynggaard A / S and BØRNEFONDEN (member of
Child Fund International) and the funding of water projects
in West Africa.
By supporting the water projects in Africa, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen hopes to inspire others to support people in need and to make the decision to act.
"The jewellery is meant to remind us that we share a responsibility for the nature and the climate. I hope that
My Friend creates an understanding about how each and every one of us can help reverse the negative effects of global warming, "says Charlotte Lynggaard.

Helena Christensen also classic & timeless just like the jewellery.

All images via here

Karyn x

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