Wednesday, July 17, 2013

French Provincial Style Coffee Table Makeover

Here she is BEFORE the transformation

Ahhh the possibilities !

Lovely leg to be ......

Much better......

Stylish Detailing on the edges .....

Carving on the sides.......

Look at her shape........

Now a beautiful French inspired piece

My husband wants to keep this table , sadly it is too large for our living rooms.
It is a heavy solid timber with four bevelled glass panel inserts.
Hand painted with Annie Sloan French Grey Paint , lightly sanded to a smooth finish 
& hand waxed / polished to a beautiful shine.
There are a few more rubbed back areas then seen in these photos.
It has a lovely French Provincial look .

Length - 1300mm
Width - 700mm
Height - 430mm

Please email me for more photos & prices

Karyn x

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

French Styled Chair Makeover - Annie Sloan Paint


I recently upstyled this now gorgeous chair 

( mmmm , nice )

Lovingly hand painted in Annie Sloan French Grey Chalk Paint
Slightly distressed

Hand waxed to a beautiful high sheen with Annie Sloan Soft Wax 
I lot of work went in the finishing of this chair.

Lovely detail


Covered the seat in a lovely striped upholstery fabric  to give a French feel

Finished Chair
This is a well made solid chair , larger than most standard dining chairs
would look great in a entry / hallway 
or even use as a office chair.
The demensions are as follows 
H - 1060mm
W - 455mm
D - 480mm
For more details please email me

More pieces coming soon , maybe as soon as tomorrow.
Watch this space or my instagram

Karyn x 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sarbe Invitatations & Papers - The Last Days Of Autumn

This video is creatively inspiring to watch , 
take a minute to watch ,
76 volunteer crafters , 2714 hand decorated leaves.
Click on Last Days Of Autumn Window to watch video

I photographed this one afternoon as I had admired it for a few weeks.
But I had never seen this beautiful clip of how it all came together until today.
( Ive watched it several times now )

Beautiful Autumn Window Display

Past woodlands window display

Large flower paper craft

School of Creativity offers classes for adults & Kids

 Kids Classes

Special holiday classes too ,
look online for dates & times. 
Im booking the kids in these holidays , my daughter has been before and
cant wait to join in again ! 

I love this store ,
 it has a large selection of invitations , papers , ribbons & accessories 
to create your own unique ideas or the friendly staff
are there to assist.

Sarbe Invitations & Papers
Open Monday - Saturday 
Shop 3 Brickworks
107 Ferry Road Southport , Qld

Karyn x

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Queensland Winter Skies

This Morning.........

I am in awe of the winter skies , they are vast & dream like ,
every day.
 The sky is so blue & the clouds are constantly changing , it is like a moving picture.
This morning I took the kids to school & was on my way home after grocery shopping , when I was crossing the bridge (above) I had to take a moment to stop & look.
You know ' really take it in '.
I got out of the car & walked down to the waters edge.
( hard to capture the full impact of what you are seeing with a iphone )
The water was gently lapping , I saw a lone fisherman , sail boats bobbing on the water , the sun was the perfect warm & felt mother nature was putting on a show , challenging or begging us to notice her , she needs protecting , desperately.

There is beauty around us everyday & if we could all stop rushing & appreciate what  mother nature gives us ,
  even if  its a few minutes a day ......
the world could be a better place.

Karyn x

Images Hope Island Living

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Welcome to my new look blog

You made it !!
Welcome if you have just come over from my old blog address
& hello if you are a first timer at Hope Island Home Living.

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I would love to hear from you.....

Karyn x

Saturday, June 1, 2013

Natural Immunity Boosting Cocktail


I was recently reading a article in ' Green Lifestyle Magazine '
about kicking the cold naturally.
Their is no cure for the common cold so while we are in flu season ,
 I thought I would share with you one of the suggestions in the article.

Immunity Boosting Cocktail
Make a mix of crushed garlic , honey & grated ginger.
Take teaspoons of it throughout the day. 
( I would use organic ingredients for this )

Simple right ?

For more information about Kicking A Cold Naturally
grab yourself a copy of Green Lifestyle in the newsagent or
Greenlifestyle for ipad  here
or receive their e-newsletter here
You can also follow them on facebook , twitter , pinterest ,
instagram & youtube.

Karyn x

Friday, May 31, 2013

Gold Coast Green Week 1 - 9 June

 Gold Coast Green Week 1 - 9 June   

Be Informed , educate yourself & family ,
 support the hard work put in by Gecko to organise this event.
If you live on the Gold Coast take a look at the website above & view the daily programme.
If you dont live on the GC go to their facebook page via the website & there are many great links to green information.

World Enviroment Day Wed 5th June
This year’s campaign rallies you to take action from your home and then witness the power of collective decisions you and others have made to reduce food waste, save money, minimise the environmental impact of food production and force food production processes to become more efficient.
Making informed decision therefore means, for example, that you purposefully select foods that have less of an environmental impact, such as organic foods that do not use chemicals in the production process. Choosing to buy locally can also mean that foods are not flown halfway across the world and therefore limit emissions.
Karyn x