Thursday, June 6, 2013

Queensland Winter Skies

This Morning.........

I am in awe of the winter skies , they are vast & dream like ,
every day.
 The sky is so blue & the clouds are constantly changing , it is like a moving picture.
This morning I took the kids to school & was on my way home after grocery shopping , when I was crossing the bridge (above) I had to take a moment to stop & look.
You know ' really take it in '.
I got out of the car & walked down to the waters edge.
( hard to capture the full impact of what you are seeing with a iphone )
The water was gently lapping , I saw a lone fisherman , sail boats bobbing on the water , the sun was the perfect warm & felt mother nature was putting on a show , challenging or begging us to notice her , she needs protecting , desperately.

There is beauty around us everyday & if we could all stop rushing & appreciate what  mother nature gives us ,
  even if  its a few minutes a day ......
the world could be a better place.

Karyn x

Images Hope Island Living

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